Our focus is purpose-designed, built-to-print and custom-manufactured parts and assemblies

We have the experience and knowledge to make the components you need.

The Benefits of Partnering with a Global OEM Manufacturer

We expect to build sustainable, long-term relationships with our customers by delivering the most value and best customer service in the industry.

Working with SB&W on your manufacturing projects can help you improve your product quality, lower your costs and give you more control of your production. Other benefits can include reduced manufacturing lead-times, streamlined production, capacity expansions and rapid ramp-up capabilities.

With global supply chain management experience that spans four decades, SB&W has the well-established processes and management capabilities necessary to procure, assemble and deliver complex, customer-specific parts and assemblies.

Value-Added Capabilities


Our foundries produce the highest quality castings using die-, sand- or investment-casting technologies. This production method is exceptionally well-suited to save on material and production costs by shaping the components to a near finished-condition in the first manufacturing step.


Metal stamping is one of the oldest processes in manufacturing, and while not necessarily as modern as laser- or water-jet cutting, nothing can beat old-fashioned stamping for large runs of production parts when it comes to speed, economy and repeatability. SB&W can provide stampings up to ½" (12 mm) thick in a wide variety of metals.


Armed with the full array of welding techniques—from ARC to MIG to TIG—our manual and automated robots routinely handle the most difficult welding tasks. Whether you need a simple welded assembly or complicated fabrication, SB&W capabilities are well-suited for almost any welding task.


Forgings offer superior mechanical properties over machined components, as the homogeneity of metals deformed by heat feature a unified internal structure that is stronger than the structure of similar products formed from castings or rolled materials.

Molded Polymers & Elastomers

SB&W has strong, non-metallic capabilities as well. Our factories are equipped to produce injection molded, extruded and multi-process components using a wide variety of standard, engineered plastics or rubber materials.


Whether for durability, function and/or appearance, finishing processes can be a crucial part of many manufactured parts. SB&W can meet most requirements for aesthetics (glossy powder coating), corrosion protection (hostile environment applications), wear resistance (hard chrome plate) and environmental considerations (RoHS-compliant coating such as Trivalent Zinc).

Complex Assemblies

Partnering with SB&W for your manufacturing projects will help your goals of improved quality, lower cost, and reduced cycle time. Reductions in manufacturing lead time and/or rapid, low-cost expansion of manufacturing capacity can also be realized. Our goal is to build high quality long-term supplier relationships with our customers by delivering the highest value and best customer service in the industry.

Kitting, Packaging and Skinboards

SB&W is fully equipped to provide parts kits with consumer-friendly skin boards to help our customers help their customers. Components can be identified by part number, description and/or bar code in one convenient package.

Value Analysis, Value-Added

At SB&W, we consider value added manufacturing to be one of our core competencies, and we regularly perform Line Walks to evaluate component assembly and usage with the aim to improve performance for one or both. Removing complexities from a component’s manufacture also reduces the likelihood of mistakes, which leads to lowered overall costs.

SB&W components are used by a multitude of original equipment manufacturers that make products used in a wide variety of everyday applications.