Special Announcement, Lunar New Year 2019

October 12, 2018

Dear Valued Customer,

Time related issues that impact supply chains are a critical component of uninterrupted deliveries of product. This becomes more challenging with goods that are made in China with a typical transit time of 45-days from factory to warehouse.

The largest disruption in flow of goods is a result of the annual Lunar Holiday in China. In 2019, New Year’s Day is February 5th. Final shipment of goods from the SB&W factory will on or about January 20th unless special arrangements are made and likely will not resume until after the 3rd week of February. SB&W Hangzhou factory along with most other Chinese suppliers will have minimal operations during the same time frame.

In consideration of the annual festivities in China, SB&W will make all efforts to honor requested ship dates. If there is a desire to have goods shipped before the 4-week lull in operations commencing January 20, 2019, please place orders before October 19.

This note is to help you plan for this annual disruption. If you have any questions about specific parts, or a special situation, please contact SB&W.


The SB&W Team