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The China Challenge 2020

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  How Supply Chain Professionals Should React to the Latest Developments Even the most mature and well-developed supply chain operations deal with constantly evolving conditions. This is normal and anticipated. Each wrinkle in a supply chain adds to the uncertainty, which is the reason experts exist to cope with all […]

When it Comes to Sourcing Goods in China, Uncertainty is the Enemy of Prosperous Thinking

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  “Hope for the best and plan for the worst.” It’s a simple, oft-used saying and the wisest course of action for most situations. When it comes to China-based performers in a supply chain, putting that adage into action becomes challenging, because the current climate of trade with China makes […]

The Trade War With China Isn’t Gambling Because No One’s Going to Win

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  If you’ve ever gambled in a casino, you know that no matter how lucky you are or how well you play, in the end the house always wins. The house, in this trade war, is …. nobody. This is a global perspective that supports sovereign rights as well as […]

Thinking Around the Box

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  Supply chains for large companies have always been process–driven. Adding structure to shopping/buying is a proven way to increase efficiency and savings; a process that has trickled down into smaller operations. In many cases, however, this method of operation does not result in efficiency or cost savings.  Any organization that has a systematic approach to sourcing things critical […]

Three Underlying Factors You Shouldn’t Ignore When Selecting an Outsourced Manufacturing Partner

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  Coming together is a beginning, staying together is progress, and working together is success. –Henry Ford The three keys to success in selling made-to-order things are price, delivery and quality, usually in that order. While those may be the main elements of successful selling, they aren’t the only important ingredients. […]

Q&A on China Manufacturing with Mike Hotchkiss, SB&W Director of Sales

As a global manufacturer with modern, China-based manufacturing facilities and more than 25 years of experience manufacturing in China, SB&W is in a unique position to understand the past, present, and future of China manufacturing. In this Q&A, Mike Hotchkiss, SB&W Director of Sales, talks about how China manufacturing has changed over the years, how […]

The Rise in China Manufacturing Costs Explained

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  Over the past several of years, major and minor shifts in policies and regulations have changed how Chinese businesses can operate. Manufacturers in China have enjoyed a distinct advantage in in lax environmental regulations, low material costs and labor rates giving the freedom to conduct themselves in a […]