Decades of Experience

Bring Global Manufacturing to Your Loading Dock

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Our international business relationships span both four decades and four continents, giving us the unique capability to effectively manage risks and meet requirements. Our modern, China-based manufacturing facilities in Hangzhou and Beijing are staffed of highly skilled and motivated engineers and factory workers.

History, Stability, Know-how

Our Decades of Global Experience and Relationships Give You Leverage

Because we’ve been providing supply chain management before the phrase was even coined, our staff already has the knowledge and experience you need. From the initial discussions about your particular requirements to our state-of-the-art manufacturing processes, and all the way through to the loading dock-delivery of your in-spec components, our team will support you at every stage.

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“We are employee-owned, customer-centric and operate on the premise that relationships are the cornerstone of success. From our factory workers in China and our Stamford headquarters staff to our customer partnerships, it is—and always will be—about respectful interaction with people.”
– Steve Soule, President & Founder

Specification Review Team

Specifications are reviewed in detail for each application.

Keeping Traffic Moving

Production inspections are performed on every order.

Quality Control

Continuous improvement through training yields high levels of efficiency.

The Bottom Line

Quality assurance is a priority for all components.

SB&W Manuactures Custom Components

Why order multiple components from different manufacturers? Our extensive capabilities can:

  • Cut Your Production Costs
  • Decrease Your Shipping Costs
  • Reduce Your Labor Costs
  • Accommodate Your Processes
  • Reduce Your Stress
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