Q&A on China Manufacturing with Mike Hotchkiss, SB&W Director of Sales

As a global manufacturer with modern, China-based manufacturing facilities and more than 25 years of experience manufacturing in China, SB&W is in a unique position to understand the past, present, and future of China manufacturing. In this Q&A, Mike Hotchkiss, SB&W Director of Sales, talks about how China manufacturing has changed over the years, how […]

Special Announcement, Lunar New Year 2019

October 12, 2018 Dear Valued Customer, Time related issues that impact supply chains are a critical component of uninterrupted deliveries of product. This becomes more challenging with goods that are made in China with a typical transit time of 45-days from factory to warehouse. The largest disruption in flow of goods is a result of […]

The Rise in China Manufacturing Costs Explained

By: Michael Hotchkiss, Director of Sales, SB&W  Over the past several of years, major and minor shifts in policies and regulations have changed how Chinese businesses can operate. Manufacturers in China have enjoyed a distinct advantage in in lax environmental regulations, low material costs and labor rates giving the freedom to conduct themselves in a […]